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Hand-painted Thigh Highs

Hand-painted Thigh Highs


Hand-painted Thigh Highs with Frida Kahlo motives. This model is already sold, but it is possible to paint new one. When we are repeating a model we add some little changes, so that each pair of tights stays unique. Also, we can change or add some elements that are dear and important to you and make this story closer to yours. 

To make a pre-order, send us an e-mail through our contact form on Contact us page and we will paint the model of your choice in desired size. When your ordered product is finished, we will send you a photograph and make the item available in our shop, and after your confirmation and payment, product will be shipped to your address the next business day. 

Thickness: 80 denier, Opaque

We are using textile colors, which are stable and waterproof, so you can wash this stockings without a worry. We recommend to wash them by hand at or bellow 30°C.